Glue to light signal of a new particle

Research paper by Dongjin Chway, Radovan Dermisek, Tae Hyun Jung, Hyung Do Kim

Indexed on: 01 May '16Published on: 01 May '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Any new particle charged under $SU(3)_C$ and carrying electric charge will leave an imprint in the di-photon invariant mass spectrum as it can mediate $gg \to \gamma \gamma$ process through loops. The combination of properties of loop functions, threshold resummation and gluon pdfs can result in a peak-like feature in the di-photon invariant mass around twice the mass of a given particle even if the particle is short-lived and thus it doesn't form a narrow bound state. Using recent ATLAS analysis, we set upper limits on the combined $SU(3)_C$ and electric charge of new particles and indicate future prospects. We also discuss the possibility that the excess of events in the di-photon invariant mass spectrum around 750 GeV originates from loops of a particle with mass around 375 GeV.