Global well-posedness in L^2 for the periodic Benjamin-Ono equation

Research paper by Luc Molinet

Indexed on: 02 Jul '08Published on: 02 Jul '08Published in: Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs


We prove that the Benjamin-Ono equation is globally well-posed in $ H^s(\T) $ for $ s\ge 0 $. Moreover we show that the associated flow-map is Lipschitz on every bounded set of $ {\dot H}^s(\T) $, $s\ge 0$, and even real-analytic in this space for small times. This result is sharp in the sense that the flow-map (if it can be defined and coincides with the standard flow-map on $ H^\infty(\T) $) cannot be of class $ C^{1+\alpha} $, $\alpha>0 $, from $ {\dot H}^s(\T) $ into $ {\dot H}^s(\T) $ as soon as $ s< 0 $.