Global and nonglobal existence for a strongly coupled parabolic system on a general domain

Research paper by Ricardo Castillo, Miguel Loayza, Crislene S. Paixão

Indexed on: 29 May '16Published on: 27 May '16Published in: Journal of Differential Equations


We consider the parabolic system ut−Δu=f(t)urvs,vt−Δv=g(t)uqvsut−Δu=f(t)urvs,vt−Δv=g(t)uqvs, in Ω×(0,T)Ω×(0,T), where Ω⊂RNΩ⊂RN is either an unbounded or bounded domain and f,g∈C[0,∞)f,g∈C[0,∞). We find conditions for the global existence or nonglobal existence, which are expressed in terms of the behavior of ‖S(t)u0‖∞‖S(t)u0‖∞ as t→∞t→∞, where u(t)=S(t)u0u(t)=S(t)u0 is the solution of the linear problem ut−Δu=0,u(0)=u0ut−Δu=0,u(0)=u0.