Giant permittivity and good thermal stability of LiCuNb3O9-Bi(Mg[math]Zr[math])O3 solid solutions

Research paper by Xiuli Chen, Xiaoxia Li, Guisheng Huang, Gaofeng Liu, Xiao Yan, Huanfu Zhou

Indexed on: 30 May '18Published on: 11 May '18Published in: Journal of advanced dielectrics


Journal of Advanced Dielectrics, Volume 08, Issue 02, April 2018. ([math])LiCuNb3O9-[math]Bi(Mg[math]Zr[math])O3 ceramics (([math])LCN-[math]BMZ) with [math] were synthesized by a solid-state reaction method. The phase structure of ([math])LCN-[math]BMZ ceramics was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), which revealed that the ceramics were distorted cubic perovskite structures. Apparent giant permittivity of [math]–[math] at 100[math]kHz over the measured temperature range (25[math]C–250[math]C) was observed in the sintered ([math])LCN-[math]BMZ ([math]) ceramics. Especially for the sample of [math]0.04, the temperature stability of permittivity was markedly increased ([math]/[math]%), and high relative permittivity ([math]) were obtained over a wide temperature range from 100[math]C to 250[math]C at 100[math]kHz, which indicates that this ceramic is a promising dielectric material for elevated temperature dielectrics. The giant dielectric property of ([math])LCN-[math]BMZ ceramics are profoundly concerned with the Maxwell–Wagner effect.