Giant mesenteric lymphatic malformation presenting as small bowel volvulus.

Research paper by Christy E CE Cauley, Philip J PJ Spencer, Pallavi P Sagar, Allan M AM Goldstein

Indexed on: 01 Jan '13Published on: 01 Jan '13Published in: Journal of surgical case reports


Abdominal pain with bilious emesis is an ominous clinical presentation with many possible causes. We describe a previously healthy 4-year-old boy who presented with these symptoms and ultrasound findings of fluid throughout most of the abdominal cavity. Computed tomography imaging revealed a large cystic mass (21-by-13 cm) associated with a small bowel obstruction due to volvulus. A laparoscopic exploration was undertaken, revealing a large mass arising from the small intestinal mesentery and causing a segmental volvulus of the small bowel. Conversion to mini-laparotomy allowed reduction of the volvulus and segmental resection of the small bowel associated with a giant mesenteric lymphatic malformation. This case describes a rare cause of intestinal volvulus due to a mesenteric lymphatic malformation.