Geometrical Localization Algorithm for 3-D Wireless Sensor Networks

Research paper by Rajesh Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Diksha Shukla, Ram Shringar Raw

Indexed on: 02 Jul '14Published on: 02 Jul '14Published in: Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture


In this paper, we propose an efficient range free localization scheme for large scale three dimensional wireless sensor networks. Our system environment consists of two type of sensors, randomly deployed static sensors and global positioning system equipped moving sensors. These moving anchors travels across the network field and broadcast their current locations on specified intervals. As soon as the sensors which are deployed in random fashion receives three beacon messages (known locations broadcasted by anchors), they computes their locations automatically by using our proposed algorithm. One of our significant contributions is, we use only three different beacon messages to localize one sensor, while in the best of our knowledge, all previously proposed methods use at least four different known locations. The ability of our method to localize by using only three known locations not only saves computation, time, energy, but also reduces the number of anchors needed to be deployed and more importantly reduces the communication overheads. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed scheme improves the overall efficiency of localization process significantly. Important Note: Final version of this paper is accepted and published by Journal of Wireless Personal Communication, Springer : June, 2014 The final version of publication is available at link.springer.com Link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007\%2Fs11277-014-1852-6