Geometric quantum discord of a Jaynes-Cummings atom and an isolated atom

Research paper by Wen-Chao Qiang, Lei Zhang, Hua-Ping Zhang

Indexed on: 30 Apr '15Published on: 30 Apr '15Published in: Quantum Physics


We studied the geometric quantum discord of a quantum system consisted of a Jaynes- Cummings atom, a cavity and an isolated atom. The analytical expressions of the geometric quantum discord for two atoms, every atom with cavity and the total system were obtained. We showed that the geometric quantum discord is not always zero when entanglement fall in death for two-atom subsystem; the geometric measurement of quantum discord of the total system developed periodically with a single frequency if the initial state of two atoms was not entangled, otherwise, it oscillates with two or four frequencies according to the cavity is initially empty or not, respectively.