Geometric Langlands in prime characteristic

Research paper by Tsao-Hsien Chen, Xinwen Zhu

Indexed on: 10 Apr '16Published on: 10 Apr '16Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


Let $G$ be a semisimple algebraic group over an algebraically closed field $k$, whose characteristic is positive and does not divide the order of the Weyl group of $G$, and let $\breve G$ be its Langlands dual group over $k$. Let $C$ be a smooth projective curve over $k$. Denote by $\Bun_G$ the moduli stack of $G$-bundles on $C$ and $ \Loc_{\breve G}$ the moduli stack of $\breve G$-local systems on $C$. Let $D_{\Bun_G}$ be the sheaf of crystalline differential operators on $\Bun_G$. In this paper we construct an equivalence between the bounded derived category $D^b(\on{QCoh}(\Loc_{\breve G}^0))$ of quasi-coherent sheaves on some open subset $\Loc_{\breve G}^0\subset\Loc_{\breve G}$ and bounded derived category $D^b(D_{\Bun_G}^0\on{-mod})$ of modules over some localization $D_{\Bun_G}^0$ of $D_{\Bun_G}$. This generalizes the work of Bezrukavnikov-Braverman in the $\GL_n$ case.