Geometric calibration of lens using B-spline surface fitting

Research paper by Sun Xiao’an, Chen Shuzhen, Shen Qiang

Indexed on: 01 Dec '98Published on: 01 Dec '98Published in: Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences


A new lens calibration method which is suitable for all kinds of cameras is presented. Based on the global and local adjustable feature of B-spline surface, this method does not require the determination of distortion model of the camera lens. By applying B-spline surface fitting, all kinds of lens distortion models can be simulated. The control points of B-spline surface are estimated inversly from the feature points of detected lines. Then by moving the control points, straight line features in the image can be retrieved. Compared with traditional calibration method, this method has its unique advantage that need no corresponding points between image and scene. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the method.