Genetic diversity and differentiation of Siberian stone pine populations at the southern range margin in the West Siberia lowland area

Research paper by E. A. Petrova, S. N. Velisevich, M. M. Belokon, Yu. S. Belokon, D. V. Politov, S. N. Goroshkevich

Indexed on: 15 Oct '15Published on: 15 Oct '15Published in: Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research


Based on the analysis of the variability of 25 allozyme loci, genetic variation within and differentiation between populations of Siberian Stone Pine growing at the trailing-edge range margin in the southern taiga up to the forest-steppe transition zone in Western Siberia have been estimated. At the current stage, climate change and anthropogenic impact have not caused a substantial reduction in genetic diversity within and increase in differentiation between isolated small stands at the southern edge of their distribution in the lowland areas of the Siberian Stone Pine range.