Genetic characterization of atypical Mansonella (Mansonella) ozzardi microfilariae in human blood samples from northeastern Peru.

Research paper by Luis A LA Marcos, Nancy N Arrospide, Sergio S Recuenco, Cesar C Cabezas, Gary J GJ Weil, Peter U PU Fischer

Indexed on: 25 Jul '12Published on: 25 Jul '12Published in: The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene


DNA sequence comparisons are useful for characterizing proposed new parasite species or strains. Microfilariae with an atypical arrangement of nuclei behind the cephalic space have been recently described in human blood samples from the Amazon region of Peru. Three blood specimens containing atypical microfilariae were genetically characterized using three DNA markers (5S ribosomal DNA, 12S ribosomal DNA, and cytochrome oxidase I). All atypical microfilariae were clustered into the Mansonella group and indistinguishable from M. ozzardi based on these DNA markers.