Generic spherically symmetric dynamic thin-shell traversable wormholes in standard general relativity

Research paper by Nadiezhda Montelongo Garcia, Francisco S. N. Lobo, Matt Visser

Indexed on: 15 Aug '12Published on: 15 Aug '12Published in: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


We consider the construction of generic spherically symmetric thin-shell traversable wormhole spacetimes in standard general relativity. By using the cut-and-paste procedure, we comprehensively analyze the stability of arbitrary spherically symmetric thin-shell wormholes to linearized spherically symmetric perturbations around static solutions. While a number of special cases have previously been dealt with in scattered parts of the literature, herein we take considerable effort to make the analysis as general and unified as practicable. We demonstrate in full generality that stability of the wormhole is equivalent to choosing suitable properties for the exotic material residing on the wormhole throat.