Generic short-range interactions in two-leg ladders

Research paper by J. E. Bunder, Hsiu-Hau Lin

Indexed on: 24 Aug '08Published on: 24 Aug '08Published in: Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


We derive a Hamiltonian for a two-leg ladder which includes an arbitrary number of charge and spin interactions. To illustrate this Hamiltonian we consider two examples and use a renormalization group technique to evaluate the ground state phases. The first example is a two-leg ladder with zigzagged legs. We find that increasing the number of interactions in such a two-leg ladder may result in a richer phase diagram, particularly at half-filling where a few exotic phases are possible when the number of interactions are large and the angle of the zigzag is small. In the second example we determine under which conditions a two-leg ladder at quarter-filling is able to support a Tomanaga-Luttinger liquid phase. We show that this is only possible when the spin interactions across the rungs are ferromagnetic. In both examples we focus on lithium purple bronze, a two-leg ladder with zigzagged legs which is though to support a Tomanaga-Luttinger liquid phase.