Generation of multiphoton entangled quantum states by means of integrated frequency combs.

Research paper by Christian C Reimer, Michael M Kues, Piotr P Roztocki, Benjamin B Wetzel, Fabio F Grazioso, Brent E BE Little, Sai T ST Chu, Tudor T Johnston, Yaron Y Bromberg, Lucia L Caspani, David J DJ Moss, Roberto R Morandotti

Indexed on: 12 Mar '16Published on: 12 Mar '16Published in: Science


Complex optical photon states with entanglement shared among several modes are critical to improving our fundamental understanding of quantum mechanics and have applications for quantum information processing, imaging, and microscopy. We demonstrate that optical integrated Kerr frequency combs can be used to generate several bi- and multiphoton entangled qubits, with direct applications for quantum communication and computation. Our method is compatible with contemporary fiber and quantum memory infrastructures and with chip-scale semiconductor technology, enabling compact, low-cost, and scalable implementations. The exploitation of integrated Kerr frequency combs, with their ability to generate multiple, customizable, and complex quantum states, can provide a scalable, practical, and compact platform for quantum technologies.