Generalized raising and lowering operators for supersymmetric quantum mechanics

Research paper by Mark W. Coffey

Indexed on: 26 Jan '15Published on: 26 Jan '15Published in: Mathematical Physics


Supersymmetric quantum mechanics has many applications, and typically uses a raising and lowering operator formalism. For one dimensional problems, we show how such raising and lowering operators may be generalized to include an arbitrary function. As a result, the usual Rodrigues' formula of the theory of orthogonal polynomials may be recovered in special cases, and it may otherwise be generalized to incorporate an arbitrary function. We provide example generalized operators for several important classical orthogonal polynomials, including Chebyshev, Gegenbauer, and other polynomials. In particular, as concerns Legendre polynomials and associated Legendre functions, we supplement and generalize results of Bazeia and Das.