General Theory of Systems, Cybernetics and Evaluation of Human Competence by Solving Present Crisis Problems of Civilisation ☆

Research paper by Ján Porvazník, Ivana Ljudvigová

Indexed on: 08 Oct '16Published on: 27 Sep '16Published in: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences


Present crisis problems of civilisation create the opportunity and need to analyse the possibilities of use of knowledge from system theory of cybernetics and evaluation of human competence, which has been accumulated and published up to now. Use of this knowledge should help, among other non-elaborated scientific knowledge to stop the impact of the global crisis and to ensure sustainable development of human civilization. Uses of this knowledge allude to several facts. Primarily, use of knowledge of cybernetics is in practice frequently connected with natural and scientific problems and their solving. Use of knowledge of the general theory of systems, however not all, collides with notional problems. Nevertheless, this knowledge can be used in wider scope of activities. And in expertise, even if knowledge is oriented mainly on evaluation of “non-living objects” and intellectual property, the evaluations of working competence occur more and more.