Gender and acculturation influences on physical activity in Latino adults.

Research paper by David X DX Marquez, Edward E McAuley

Indexed on: 18 Mar '06Published on: 18 Mar '06Published in: Annals of Behavioral Medicine


Studies examining physical activity levels have used samples primarily composed of non-Latino Whites and have focused on leisure time physical activity (LTPA). Additionally, few studies have investigated differences in physical activity between Latino men and Latina women, or the relationship between acculturation and activity.To examine the subjective and objective physical activity of Latinos and gender differences in physical activity and the extent to which LTPA and non-LTPA were predictive of overall accelerometer physical activity. An additional objective was to examine the relationship between acculturation and different types of physical activity.Data were obtained from 155 Latinos (n = 86 female, n = 69 male). Comparisons were made between Latino men and women.Latino men participated in significantly greater occupational and overall objective and subjective physical activity than Latina women; however, women participated in greater household activity. Regression analyses demonstrated that recreational, occupational, and household activity were significant predictors of overall accelerometer physical activity for the complete sample. Among women, recreational and household activity were significant predictors; however, overall accelerometer physical activity was not significantly predicted in men. Additionally, it was demonstrated that acculturation was related to occupational activity, but not to recreational activity.These results suggest that gender differences in physical activity are present among Latinos and that acculturation may be a correlate of various types of physical activity.