Gauge dependence in QED amplitudes in expanding de Sitter space

Research paper by Nistor Nicolaevici

Indexed on: 23 Feb '16Published on: 23 Feb '16Published in: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


We consider first order transition amplitudes in external fields in QED in the expanding de Sitter space and point out that they are gauge dependent quantities. We examine the gauge variations of the amplitudes assuming a decoupling of the interaction at large times, which allows to conclude that the source of the problem lies in the fact that the frequencies of the modes in the infinite future become independent of the comoving momenta. We show that a possibility to assure the gauge invariance of the external field amplitudes is to restrict to potentials which vanish sufficiently fast at infinite times, and briefly discuss a number of options in the face of the possible gauge invariance violation in the full interacting theory.