Gas-phase synthesis of AlN powders from AlCl3-NH3-N2

Research paper by Jong Rok Park, Shi Woo Rhee, Kun Hong Lee

Indexed on: 01 Jan '93Published on: 01 Jan '93Published in: Journal of Materials Science


Aluminium nitride powders were synthesized by the gas-phase reaction of AlCl3-NH3-N2 system. The yield of AlN powders from AlCl3 and their crystallinity increased as the reaction temperature and the mole ratio of NH3/AlCl3 were increased. AlN powders were also formed outside the reactor and their crystallinity was amorphous. The yield of AlN powders was as high as 80% when the reactor temperature was 1000 °C and the mole ratio of NH3/AlCl3 was 8. Most of the HCl by-product was recovered as NH4Cl outside the reactor. Powder characteristics, such as shape, size distribution and crystallinity, were also studied.