Gap opening in the zeroth Landau level in gapped graphene: pseudo-Zeeman splitting in an angular magnetic field.

Research paper by M M Tahir, K K Sabeeh

Indexed on: 07 Mar '12Published on: 07 Mar '12Published in: Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal


We present a theoretical study of gap opening in the zeroth Landau level in gapped graphene as a result of pseudo-Zeeman interaction. The applied magnetic field couples with the valley pseudospin degree of freedom of the charge carriers leading to the pseudo-Zeeman interaction. To investigate its role in transport at the charge neutrality point (CNP), we study the integer quantum Hall effect in gapped graphene in an angular magnetic field in the presence of pseudo-Zeeman interaction. Analytical expressions are derived for the Hall conductivity using the Kubo-Greenwood formula. We also determine the longitudinal conductivity for elastic impurity scattering in the first Born approximation. We show that pseudo-Zeeman splitting leads to a minimum in the collisional conductivity at high magnetic fields and a zero plateau in the Hall conductivity. Evidence for activated transport at CNP is found from the temperature dependence of the collisional conductivity.