Gamma-irradiation of individual cholesterol oxidation products

Research paper by G. Maerker, K. C. Jones

Indexed on: 01 May '92Published on: 01 May '92Published in: Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society


Cholesterol and seven of its oxidation products in aqueous suspensions of multilamellar vesicles or sonicated aqueous suspensions were subjected individually to γ-radiation (10 KGy) at 0–4°C in air, N2 or N2O. All compounds underwent some changes under the influence of radiation. β-Epoxide (cholesterol 5β,6β-epoxide) and, to a much lesser extent, α-epoxide (cholesterol 5α,6α-epoxide) were converted in low yield to 6-ketocholestanol (5α-cholestan-3β-ol-6-one). 7β-Hydroxycholesterol (cholest-5-ene-3β,7β-diol) and, to a lesser extent, 7α-hydroxycholesterol (cholest-5-ene-3β,7α-diol) gave low yields of 7-ketocholestanol (5α-cholestan-3β-ol-7-one). The latter compound also was obtained by irradiation of 7-ketocholesterol (cholest-5-ene-3β-ol-7-one). 6-Ketocholestanol and 7-ketocholestanol are potential biomarkers for irradiated meat and poultry.