Galaxy Clustering at z~3

Research paper by C. Steidel, K. Adelberger, M. Giavalisco, M. Dickinson, M. Pettini, M. Kellogg

Indexed on: 20 May '98Published on: 20 May '98Published in: Astrophysics


Galaxies at very high redshift (z~3 or greater) are now accessible to wholesale observation, making possible for the first time a robust statistical assessment of their spatial distribution at lookback times approaching ~90% of the age of the Universe. This paper summarizes recent progress in understanding the nature of these early galaxies, concentrating in particular on the clustering properties of photometrically selected ``Lyman break'' galaxies. Direct comparison of the data to predictions and physical insights provided by galaxy and structure formation models is particularly straightforward at these early epochs, and results in critical tests of the ``biased'', hierarchical galaxy formation paradigm.