GA and PSO culled hybrid technique for economic dispatch problem with prohibited operating zones

Research paper by M. Sudhakaran, P. Ajay-D-Vimalraj, T. G. Palanivelu

Indexed on: 01 May '07Published on: 01 May '07Published in: Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A


This paper presents an efficient and reliable genetic algorithm (GA) based particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique (hybrid GAPSO) for solving the economic dispatch (ED) problem in power systems. The non-linear characteristics of the generators, such as prohibited operating zones, ramp rate limits and non-smooth cost functions of the practical generator operation are considered. The proposed hybrid algorithm is demonstrated for three different systems and the performance is compared with the GA and PSO in terms of solution quality and computation efficiency. Comparison of results proved that the proposed algorithm can obtain higher quality solutions efficiently in ED problems. A comprehensive software package is developed using MATLAB.