Fuzzy Logic Control of a Hybrid Energy Storage Module for Naval Pulsed Power Applications

Research paper by Isaac J. Cohen, David A. Wetz, Stepfanie Veiga, Qing Dong, John Heinzel

Indexed on: 05 Feb '16Published on: 05 Feb '16Published in: Mathematics - Optimization and Control


There is need for an energy storage device capable of transferring high power in transient situations aboard naval vessels. Currently, batteries are used to accomplish this task, but previous research has shown that when utilized at high power rates, these devices deteriorate over time causing a loss in lifespan. It has been shown that a hybrid energy storage configuration is capable of meeting such a demand while reducing the strain placed on individual components. While designing a custom converter capable of controlling the power to and from a battery would be ideal for this application, it can be costly to develop when compared to purchasing commercially available products. Commercially available products offer limited controllability in exchange for their proven performance and lower cost point - often times only allowing a system level control input without any way to interface with low level controls that are frequently used in controller design. This paper proposes the use of fuzzy logic control in order to provide a system level control to the converters responsible for limiting power to and from the battery. A system will be described mathematically, modeled in MATLAB/Simulink, and a fuzzy logic controller will be compared with a typical controller.