Fungal Planet description sheets: 785-867.

Research paper by P W PW Crous, J J JJ Luangsa-Ard, M J MJ Wingfield, A J AJ Carnegie, M M Hernández-Restrepo, L L Lombard, J J Roux, R W RW Barreto, I G IG Baseia, J F JF Cano-Lira, M P MP Martín, O V OV Morozova, A M AM Stchigel, B A BA Summerell, T E TE Brandrud, et al.

Indexed on: 08 Feb '19Published on: 08 Feb '19Published in: Persoonia


Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: , and on unknown host plants. , on (incl. gen. nov.) on sp., on sp., (incl. fam. nov.) on on (incl. gen. nov., fam. nov. and ord. nov.) on on , on on on on , on pustules of formed on leaves of , on soil, on , on soil, on , on soil, on wing of , on wood, from soil, from leaf litter, on sp., as endophyte from , on leaf litter, on , on , on , on , on tree branch. , on tree trunk. , (incl. gen. nov.) on , on , on , on , in - mixed forest. , on sp, on soil in mixed forest. , on larva. , on sp. , from soil. , , , , , , and (incl. fam. nov.) from soil. , on sp. and on sp. , on , and on . , on bogged soil in mixed deciduous forest, in forest of × , on , on (incl. fam. nov. and gen. nov.) on sp., on unidentified plant host, on , on sp. , and on , from a darkened wall of a house, on leaf litter. , on wood, on leaf litter, (incl. gen. nov.) on (incl. gen. nov), on sp., (incl. fam. nov. and gen. nov.), and from unidentified vine. , (incl. gen. nov.) from soil, from house dust, (incl. fam. nov.) from twig and cone litter, from stream water, from human eye, from office air. , on soil. Morphological and culture characteristics along with DNA barcodes are provided.