Functionalized silicon quantum dots by N-vinylcarbazole: synthesis and spectroscopic properties.

Research paper by Jianwei J Ji, Guan G Wang, Xiaozeng X You, Xiangxing X Xu

Indexed on: 26 Aug '14Published on: 26 Aug '14Published in: Nanoscale Research Letters


Silicon quantum dots (Si QDs) attract increasing interest nowadays due to their excellent optical and electronic properties. However, only a few optoelectronic organic molecules were reported as ligands of colloidal Si QDs. In this report, N-vinylcarbazole - a material widely used in the optoelectronics industry - was used for the modification of Si QDs as ligands. This hybrid nanomaterial exhibits different spectroscopic properties from either free ligands or Si QDs alone. Possible mechanisms were discussed. This type of new functional Si QDs may find application potentials in bioimaging, photovoltaic, or optoelectronic devices.