Full Length ArticleFracture behavior of Ce-TZP/alumina/aluminate composites with different amounts of transformation toughening. Influence of the testing methods

Research paper by I.Touaihera, M.Saâdaouia, J.Chevalierb, L.Preissb, H.Reveronb

Indexed on: 10 Nov '17Published on: 01 Oct '17Published in: Journal of the European Ceramic Society


The fracture behavior of four Ce-TZP zirconia composites containing 8 vol% alumina and 8 vol% strontium hexa-aluminate was investigated. The composites exhibited different degrees of transformation toughening obtained by varying the amount of the CeO2 stabilizer and the sintering temperature. The strength was measured by 4-point bending (4PB) and piston-on-three balls (POB) methods Toughness and crack growth resistance (R-curve) were determined from Single Edge V-Notched Beam (SEVNB) and double torsion (DT) samples, and slow crack growth (SCG) curves were determined by DT method.