Frustrated quantum Heisenberg ferrimagnetic chains

Research paper by N. B. Ivanov, J. Richter, U. Schollwoeck

Indexed on: 12 Mar '98Published on: 12 Mar '98Published in: Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


We study the ground-state properties of weakly frustrated Heisenberg ferrimagnetic chains with nearest and next-nearest neighbor antiferromagnetic exchange interactions and two types of alternating sublattice spins S_1 > S_2, using 1/S spin-wave expansions, density-matrix renormalization group, and exact- diagonalization techniques. It is argued that the zero-point spin fluctuations completely destroy the classical commensurate- incommensurate continuous transition. Instead, the long-range ferrimagnetic state disappears through a discontinuous transition to a singlet state at a larger value of the frustration parameter. In the ferrimagnetic phase we find a disorder point marking the onset of incommensurate real-space short-range spin-spin correlations.