From the function-sheaf dictionary to quasicharacters of $p$-adic tori

Research paper by Clifton Cunningham, David Roe

Indexed on: 22 Jul '15Published on: 22 Jul '15Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


We consider the rigid monoidal category of character sheaves on a smooth commutative group scheme $G$ over a finite field $k$ and expand the scope of the function-sheaf dictionary from connected commutative algebraic groups to this setting. We find the group of isomorphism classes of character sheaves on $G$ and show that it is an extension of the group of characters of $G(k)$ by a cohomology group determined by the component group scheme of $G$. We also classify all morphisms in the category character sheaves on $G$. As an application, we study character sheaves on Greenberg transforms of locally finite type N\'eron models of algebraic tori over local fields. This provides a geometrization of quasicharacters of $p$-adic tori.