From local to global conjugacy of subgroups of relatively hyperbolic groups

Research paper by Oleg Bogopolski, Kai-Uwe Bux

Indexed on: 05 May '16Published on: 05 May '16Published in: Mathematics - Group Theory


Suppose that a finitely generated group $G$ is hyperbolic relative to a collection of subgroups $\mathbb{P}=\{P_1,\dots,P_m\}$. Let $H_1,H_2$ be subgroups of $G$ such that $H_1$ is relatively quasiconvex with respect to $\mathbb{P}$ and $H_2$ has a loxodromic element. Suppose that $H_2$ is elementwise conjugate into $H_1$. Then there exists a finite index subgroup of $H_2$ which is conjugate into $H_1$. The minimal length of the conjugator can be estimated. In the case where $G$ is a limit group, it is sufficient to assume only that $H_1$ is a finitely generated and $H_2$ is an arbitrary subgroup of $G$.