From KISS1 to kisspeptins: An historical perspective and suggested nomenclature.

Research paper by Michelle L ML Gottsch, Donald K DK Clifton, Robert A RA Steiner

Indexed on: 23 Jul '08Published on: 23 Jul '08Published in: Peptides


The cancer suppressor gene, KISS1, was initially described as having an important role in inhibiting cancer metastasis. Since then, KISS1 and its receptor, KISS1R, have been shown to play a key role in controlling the onset of puberty of reproductive physiology in the human and other species. Recent studies have also linked KISS1/kisspeptin/KISS1R to other processes, such as vasoconstriction, aging, adipocyte physiology, and perhaps as a molecular conduit linking metabolism and reproduction. This article highlights the history of KISS1/kisspeptin/KISS1R biology and proposes a consensus for nomenclature of the key molecules in this signaling pathway.