From fly ash of forest biomass combustion (FBC) to micro-mesoporous silica adsorbent materials

Research paper by B. Ruiz, R.P. Girón, I. Suárez-Ruiz, E. Fuente

Indexed on: 24 Nov '16Published on: 13 Nov '16Published in: Process Safety and Environmental Protection


According to the EU recommendations on solid residue management, fly ashes derived from biomass combustion and other solid wastes from energy production must be recycled since their disposal in dumps and landfills, etc., leads to environmental and space availability problems. This study is focused on minimization and beneficiation of an industrial waste, fly ash, derived from the combustion of forest biomass in a fluidized bed combustor for subsequent use as a precursor of porous silica materials for environmental applications. The predominant component of fly ashes is silica, which comes from both the original composition of the forest biomass and from the bed of the fluidized combustor.

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