Frequency Bin Entangled Photons

Research paper by L. Olislager, J. Cussey, A. T. Nguyen, Ph. Emplit, S. Massar, J. -M. Merolla, K. Phan Huy

Indexed on: 10 Feb '10Published on: 10 Feb '10Published in: Quantum Physics


A monochromatic laser pumping a parametric down conversion crystal generates frequency entangled photon pairs. We study this experimentally by addressing such frequency entangled photons at telecommunication wavelengths (around 1550 nm) with fiber optics components such as electro-optic phase modulators and narrow band frequency filters. The theory underlying our approach is developed by introducing the notion of frequency bin entanglement. Our results show that the phase modulators address coherently up to eleven frequency bins, leading to an interference pattern which can violate a Bell inequality adapted to our setup by more than five standard deviations.