Free Hilbert Transforms

Research paper by Tao Mei, Eric Ricard

Indexed on: 05 Jul '16Published on: 05 Jul '16Published in: Mathematics - Operator Algebras


We study analogues of classical Hilbert transforms as Herz-Schur multipliers on free groups. We prove their complete boundedness on non commutative $L^p$ spaces associated with the free group von Neumann algebras for all $1<p<\infty$. This implies that the decomposition of the free group $\F_\infty$ into reduced words starting with distinct free generators is completely unconditional in $L^p$. We study the case of Voiculescu's amalgamated free products of von Neumann algebras as well. As by-products, we obtain a positive answer to a compactness-problem posed by Ozawa, a length independent estimate for Junge-Parcet-Xu's free Rosenthal inequality, a Littlewood-Paley-Stein type inequality for geodesic paths of free groups, and a length reduction formula for $L^p$-norms of free group von Neumann algebras.