Fracture of ECAP-deformed iron and the role of extrinsic toughening mechanisms.

Research paper by A A Hohenwarter, R R Pippan

Indexed on: 07 May '13Published on: 07 May '13Published in: Acta Materialia


The fracture behaviour of pure iron deformed by equal-channel angular pressing via route A was examined. The fracture toughness was determined for different specimen orientations and measured in terms of the critical plane strain fracture toughness, KIC , the critical J integral, JIC , and the crack opening displacement for crack initiation, CODi . The results demonstrate that the crack plane orientation has a pronounced effect on the fracture toughness. Different crack plane orientations lead to either crack deflection or delamination, resulting in increased fracture resistance in comparison to one remarkably weak specimen orientation. The relation between the microstructure typical for the applied deformation route and the enormous differences in the fracture toughness depending on the crack plane orientation will be analyzed in this paper.