Fractal dimensions of the wavefunctions and local spectral measures on the Fibonacci chain

Research paper by Macé Nicolas, Jagannathan Anuradha, Piéchon Frédéric

Indexed on: 04 Jan '16Published on: 04 Jan '16Published in: Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect


We present a theoretical framework for understanding the wavefunctions and spectrum of an extensively studied paradigm for quasiperiodic systems, namely the Fibonacci chain. Our analytical results, which are obtained in the limit of strong modulation of the hopping amplitudes, are in good agreement with published numerical data. In the perturbative limit, we show a new symmetry of wavefunctions under permutation of site and energy indices. We compute the wavefunction renormalization factors and from them deduce analytical expressions for the fractal exponents corresponding to individual wavefunctions, as well as their global averages. The multifractality of wavefunctions is seen to appear at next-to-leading order in the ratio of the hopping amplitudes, rho. Exponents for the local spectral density are given, in extremely good accord with numerical calculations. Interestingly, our analytical results for exponents are observed to describe the system rather well even for values of rho well outside the domain of applicability of perturbation theory.