Four-dimensional polymer collapse II: Interacting self-avoiding trails

Research paper by Thomas Prellberg, Aleksander L. Owczarek

Indexed on: 08 Apr '01Published on: 08 Apr '01Published in: Physics - Statistical Mechanics


We have simulated four-dimensional interacting self-avoiding trails (ISAT) on the hyper-cubic lattice with standard interactions at a wide range of temperatures up to length 4096 and at some temperatures up to length 16384. The results confirm the earlier prediction (using data from a non-standard model at a single temperature) of a collapse phase transition occurring at finite temperature. Moreover they are in accord with the phenomenological theory originally proposed by Lifshitz, Grosberg and Khokhlov in three dimensions and recently given new impetus by its use in the description of simulational results for four-dimensional interacting self-avoiding walks (ISAW). In fact, we argue that the available data is consistent with the conclusion that the collapse transitions of ISAT and ISAW lie in the same universality class, in contradiction with long-standing predictions. We deduce that there exists a pseudo-first order transition for ISAT in four dimensions at finite lengths while the thermodynamic limit is described by the standard polymer mean-field theory (giving a second-order transition), in contradiction to the prediction that the upper critical dimension for ISAT is $d_u=4$.