Formation and nature of InGaN quantum dots in GaN nanowires.

Research paper by Saniya S Deshpande, Thomas T Frost, Lifan L Yan, Shafat S Jahangir, Arnab A Hazari, Xianhe X Liu, Joanna J Mirecki-Millunchick, Zetian Z Mi, Pallab P Bhattacharya

Indexed on: 06 Feb '15Published on: 06 Feb '15Published in: Nano Letters


InGaN/GaN disk-in-nanowire heterostructures on silicon substrates have emerged as important gain media for the realization of visible light sources. The nature of quantum confinement in the disks is largely unknown. From the unique nature of the measured temperature dependence of the radiative lifetime and direct transmission electron microscopy, it is evident that such self-organized islands (disks) behave as quantum dots. This is confirmed by the observation of single photon emission from a single disk-in-nanowire and the presence of a sharp minimum in the line width enhancement factor of edge emitting lasers having the InGaN disks as the gain media.