Formation and growth of an α-PbF2 phase during the plastic deformation of β-PbF2 crystals

Research paper by E. B. Borisenko, N. V. Klassen, I. B. Savchenko

Indexed on: 01 Apr '97Published on: 01 Apr '97Published in: Physics of the Solid State


The microstructure of strained β-PbF2 crystals is investigated by optical and scanning electron microscopy. It is established that the α-PbF2 previously observed by x-ray diffraction methods during the straining of cubic PbF2 nucleates predominantly on structural defects like slip lines and bands. The kinetics of the growth of α-PbF2 particles during the straining of β-PbF2 crystals and during a postdeformation anneal is investigated. The results of the experiments point to the involvement of diffusion in the growth of α-PbF2.