Formation and dynamics of local 4f moments in metals

Research paper by D. Riegel

Indexed on: 01 Dec '83Published on: 01 Dec '83Published in: Hyperfine Interactions


The time-differential perturbed angular γ-ray distribution method in connection with heavy-ion reactions and recoil implantation techniques allows microscopic measurements of the local susceptibility and 4f spin dynamics of extremely dilute 4f ions in many simple metals over wide temperature ranges. By applying these techniques a large number of metallic elements in which isolated Ce, Pr, and Nd ions exhibit magnetic instabilities have been found. The local susceptibilities observed in the unstable Pr and Nd systems are strongly reduced compared to both the stable 3+ and 4+ ion behaviors. The various data yield systematic trends of the demagnetization as a function of the matrix, temperature, and the 4f ion species. We attempt to relate the trends of the magnetic 4f instabilities observed to changes of the strength of the mixing exchange interaction between 4f and conduction electron states.