Fluxome analysis using GC-MS.

Research paper by Christoph C Wittmann

Indexed on: 09 Feb '07Published on: 09 Feb '07Published in: Microbial Cell Factories


Fluxome analysis aims at the quantitative analysis of in vivo carbon fluxes in metabolic networks, i. e. intracellular activities of enzymes and pathways. It allows investigating the effects of genetic or environmental modifications and thus precisely provides a global perspective on the integrated genetic and metabolic regulation within the intact metabolic network. The experimental and computational approaches developed in this area have revealed fascinating insights into metabolic properties of various biological systems. Most of the comprehensive approaches for metabolic flux studies today involve isotopic tracer studies and GC-MS for measurement of the labeling pattern of metabolites. Initially developed and applied mainly in the field of biomedicine these GC-MS based metabolic flux approaches have been substantially extended and optimized during recent years and today display a key technology in metabolic physiology and biotechnology.