Fluctuation in residual strain and dissipated energy of saturated sandstone under tiered cyclic loading.

Research paper by Changbao C Jiang, Guojian G Cheng, Minke M Duan, Yufei Y Chen, Yang Y Yang, Qinrong Q Kang

Indexed on: 28 Jul '20Published on: 25 Jul '20Published in: PloS one


To study the influence of cyclic stress on the nonlinear behavior of saturated sandstone, the residual strain properties and energy dissipation characteristics of the sandstone under tiered cyclic loading were experimentally investigated. The axial/radial residual deformation and energy dissipation characteristics of sandstone at different cyclic stress stages were analyzed in detail. By combining the mathematical statistics, fluctuation coefficients of the residual strain and energy dissipation, and correlation coefficients of axial/radial residual strain and energy dissipation were defined to describe the process. It was determined that these newly defined physical variables were closely related to the elastic-plastic state (or instability failure state) of the rock.