Finite-Temperature Mott Transition in Two-Dimensional Frustrated Hubbard Models

Research paper by Takuma Ohashi, Tsutomu Momoi, Hirokazu Tsunetsugu, Norio Kawakami

Indexed on: 22 Oct '08Published on: 22 Oct '08Published in: Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


We investigate the Hubbard model on two typical frustrated lattices in two dimensions, the kagome lattice and the anisotropic triangular lattice, by means of the cellular dynamical mean field theory. We show that the metallic phase is stabilized up to fairly large Hubbard interactions under strong geometrical frustration in both cases, which results in heavy fermion behavior and several anomalous properties around the Mott transition point. In particular, for the anisotropic triangular lattice, we find novel reentrant behavior in the Mott transition in the moderately frustrated parameter regime, which is caused by the competition between Fermi-liquid formation and magnetic correlations. It is demonstrated that the reentrant behavior is a generic feature inherent in the Mott transition with intermediate geometrical frustration, and indeed in accordance with recent experimental findings for organic materials.