Finite sample penalization in adaptive density deconvolution

Research paper by Fabienne Comte, Yves Rozenholc, Marie-Luce Taupin

Indexed on: 05 Jan '06Published on: 05 Jan '06Published in: Mathematics - Statistics


We consider the problem of estimating the density $g$ of identically distributed variables $X\_i$, from a sample $Z\_1, ..., Z\_n$ where $Z\_i=X\_i+\sigma\epsilon\_i$, $i=1, ..., n$ and $\sigma \epsilon\_i$ is a noise independent of $X\_i$ with known density $ \sigma^{-1}f\_\epsilon(./\sigma)$. We generalize adaptive estimators, constructed by a model selection procedure, described in Comte et al. (2005). We study numerically their properties in various contexts and we test their robustness. Comparisons are made with respect to deconvolution kernel estimators, misspecification of errors, dependency,... It appears that our estimation algorithm, based on a fast procedure, performs very well in all contexts.