Fine mapping of the region on wheat chromosome 7D controlling grain weight.

Research paper by Marion S MS Röder, Xiu-Qiang XQ Huang, Andreas A Börner

Indexed on: 08 Jun '07Published on: 08 Jun '07Published in: Functional & Integrative Genomics


We report the fine mapping of the previously described quantitative trait loci (QTL) for grain weight QTgw.ipk-7D associated with microsatellite marker Xgwm1002-7D by using introgression lines (ILs) carrying introgressions of the synthetic wheat W-7984 in the genetic background of the German winter wheat variety 'Prinz'. The BC(4)F(3) ILs had a 10% increased thousand grain weight compared to the control group and the recurrent parent 'Prinz', and 84.7% of the phenotypic variance could be explained by the segregation of marker Xgwm1002-7D, suggesting the presence of a gene modulating grain weight, which was preliminarily designated gw1. It was possible to delimit the QTL QTgw.ipk-7D to the interval Xgwm295-Xgwm1002, which is located in the most telomeric bin 7DS4-0.61-1.00 in the physical map of wheat chromosome arm 7DS. Furthermore, our data suggest the presence of a novel plant height-reducing locus Rht on chromosome arm 7DS of 'Prinz'. Larger grain and increased plant height may reflect the pleiotropic action of one gene or may be caused by two linked genes. In general, our data support the concept of using nearly isogenic ILs for validating and dissecting QTLs into single Mendelian genes and open the gateway for map-based cloning of a grain-weight QTL in wheat.