Fine-grained EPR-steering inequalities

Research paper by Tanumoy Pramanik, Marc Kaplan, Archan S Majumdar

Indexed on: 20 Oct '14Published on: 20 Oct '14Published in: Quantum Physics


We derive a new steering inequality based on a fine-grained uncertainty relation to capture EPR-steering for bipartite systems. Our steering inequality improves over previously known ones since it can experimentally detect all steerable two-qubit Werner state with only two measurement settings on each side. According to our inequality, pure entangle states are maximally steerable. Moreover, by slightly changing the setting, we can express the amount of violation of our inequality as a function of their violation of the CHSH inequality. Finally, we prove that the amount of violation of our steering inequality is, up to a constant factor, a lower bound on the key rate of a one-sided device independent quantum key distribution protocol secure against individual attacks. To show this result, we first derive a monogamy relation for our steering inequality.