Filtration combustion of a porous structure in a multicomponent gas environment

Research paper by P. M. Krishenik, S. A. Rogachev, K. G. Shkadinskii

Indexed on: 14 May '14Published on: 14 May '14Published in: Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B


A mathematical model for describing the quasi-isobaric filtration combustion of porous materials with the formation of condensed reaction products in a multicomponent gas is developed. Two-stage combustion waves (control modes) at the counter filtration of gas mixture are examined. The effect of inert gas component on the structure of a two-stage filtration combustion wave is studied, and the critical conditions of the changeover between filtration combustion modes caused by inert gas concentration variation are determined. It is demonstrated the characteristics of the two-stage combustion front propagating in the control mode in a multicomponent gas flow depends on the porosity of the heterogeneous system.