Field strength scaling in quasi-phase-matching of high-order harmonic generation by low-intensity assisting fields

Research paper by Emeric Balogh, Katalin Varjú

Indexed on: 28 Jan '16Published on: 28 Jan '16Published in: Physics - Optics


High-order harmonic generation in gas targets is a widespread scheme used to produce extreme ultraviolet radiation, however, it has a limited microscopic efficiency. Macroscopic enhancement of the produced radiation relies on phase-matching, often only achievable in quasi-phase-matching arrangements. In the present work we numerically study quasi-phase-matching induced by low-intensity assisting fields. We investigate the required assisting field strength dependence on the wavelength and intensity of the driving field, harmonic order, trajectory class and period of the assisting field. We comment on the optimal spatial beam profile of the assisting field.