Field electron emission of carbon-based nanocone films

Research paper by X. Lu, Q. Yang, C. Xiao, A. Hirose

Indexed on: 18 Nov '05Published on: 18 Nov '05Published in: Applied Physics A


Diamond nanocone, graphitic nanocone, and mixed diamond and graphitic nanocone films have been synthesized through plasma enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition (HFCVD). The field emission properties of these films have been experimentally investigated. The studies have revealed that all three kinds of nanocone films have excellent field electron emission (FEE) properties including low turn-on electric field and large emission current at low electric field. Compared with the diamond nanocone films (emission current of 86 μA at 26 V/μm with the turn-on field of 10 V/μm), the graphitic nanocone films exhibit higher FEE current of 1.8×102 μA at 13 V/μm and a lower turn-on filed of 4 V/μm. The mixed diamond and graphitic nanocone films have been found to posses FEE properties similar to graphitic nanocone films (emission current of 1.7×102 μA at 20 V/μm with the turn-on field of 5 V/μm), but have much better FEE stability than the graphitic nanocone films.