Fibroepithelial Lesion Initially Believed to Be Fibroadenoma, but Interval Growth Consistent With Phyllodes Tumor.

Research paper by Quan D QD Nguyen, Samuel O SO Krider, James T JT Roberts, Flavia E FE Posleman Monetto, Jing J He

Indexed on: 21 Oct '20Published on: 17 Oct '20Published in: Cureus


Fibroepithelial lesions of the breast are commonly encountered tumors comprised of stromal and epithelial components. Fibroadenoma and phyllodes tumor are both fibroepithelial lesions, but their management differs. Phyllodes tumor requires surgical excision, whereas fibroadenoma requires no further workup. Both have many overlapping histological features making it difficult to distinguish between a benign fibroadenoma versus the more aggressive phyllodes tumor. This case details a breast mass that was initially believed to be a fibroadenoma, but interval growth at one year follow up resulted in surgical excision with final pathology revealing phyllodes tumor. Copyright © 2020, Nguyen et al.